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My name is Alex Himel and I'm a Certified Dog Trainer. I've worked at an Animal Hospital/Boarding Facility for thirteen years, where I've interacted very closely with dogs and learned how to deal with them in a calm, patient, and nurturing manner. In addition, these dogs were in cages and on the vet's exam table; sometimes with the owner in an understandably bad state of mind, coupled with the fact that the dog's state of mind wasn't in the best of spirits either. During these circumstances, I've learned to deal with the owners and their dogs calmly even though the dogs were in an anxiety producing environment.

After my years at this animal hospital/boarding facility, I've decided to put that experience to good use. As a result, I went to the Academy of Canine Education and became a Dog Trainer. I graduated in 2005, got certified and to this day, I've been training dogs and their owners. Furthermore, I've developed techniques to strengthen the dog and owner bond. I also have demonstration videos showing this and at the same time I often take a video of a client with his/her dog doing a routine training exercise. If they're not doing it correctly, I would not say anything but capture it and play it back. Thus, they would see what they did wrong and learn from it. In addition, they would see what they did right and remember it.

My tog training philosophy is this. The owner is the best dog trainer in the world for their dog. Reason being is because of the fact that the owner is with the dog most of the time, not the trainer. It is my job to instruct the owner to bring out the full potential of the dog and that includes proper housebreaking to walking off-leash and many other behavioral issues. In addition, a dog can be trained to do commands. But, that same dog could have issues. Also, please Google Alex Himel Certified Dog Trainer. More Reviews, my website, contact information, references and credentials are there and can be given over the phone and over Zoom, which is a web conferencing application where I give dog training lessons remotely.  Once you are my client, I'm available to answer questions anytime regarding your dog's training sessions. Lastly, I am fully vaccinated.

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